SBBM-Cup 2020

Open Club Championship of the SBBM

Kulturcafé Schlachthaus


10. July 2020



General Rules

The tournament will be a resurrection tournament, i.e. all injuried and killed players will magically healed. Every game will be played with the same roster, with the skill progression exceptions below. Teams with can raise the dead may take a Zombie during a game according to the standard "Raise the Dead" rules, but that Zombie will return to his former team after the game like nothing has happened. Nurgle coaches can not add a Rotter after the game if they have killed an opposing player. The pre-game steps, where you can use inducements or special play cards will be ignored. Inducements will be a permanent addition to your team (see below). The entire post-game sequence will be skipped, all winnings will be immediatelly spend at the closest bar by the team manager

Races and Tiers

Team Value and Cost

Additional cash: The additional cash as listed below cannot be combined with the initial team creation budget. This additional cash can be spend on additional skills, players, star players, inducements, assistant coaches, cheerleaders, fan factor, re-rolls or apothecary. The cost of the additional skills are: Only the following races are allowed (addtional cash for respective tier):


The following tiebreakers will be used:

Results and Ranking
  • Match Report Game 1
  • Match Report Game 2
  • Match Report Game 3

  • Ranking after Game 1
  • Ranking after Game 2
  • Ranking after Game 3