SBBM-Cup 2018

Open Club Championship of the SBBM

Kulturcafé Schlachthaus


21./22. April 2018


Saturday Sunday

Similarities with the World Cup rules or other tournaments using World Cup rules are purely intentional and definately on purpose!


Races and Tiers

Only the following races are allowed:

Team Value and Cost

Teams will be tiered and have fixed costs for each tier. The setup of all teams has to be submitted before the tournament.

Total cost before game 1
Note: At least 1.100 kgp must be spent on at least 11 standard roster players, equipment, staff and inducements before any money can be spent on skills. All money must be spent. You cannot reserve money to use at a later point of the tournament

Extra money before game 3 Extra skills before game 5

All teams (tiers 1-4) will gain 2 regular access skills to players. These have to be players who haven’t received a skill yet.
Note: All additions have to be marked on the team roster when submitting the roster.

What you can/must buy with the money

The following tiebreakers will be used:

Result Game 1 Game 2 Game 3 Game 4 Game 5